Thursday, September 19, 2013

General Plastic Extrusions, Inc. Expanding Co-Extrusion Offerings

General Plastic Extrusions, Inc, located in Prescott, Wisconsin is in the process of expanding its Co-Extrusion capacity and capabilities. Currently General Plastic manufacturer’s 5-layer, 3-layer, and mono layer bags and films. The addition of the new line will bring capabilities to produce 7-layer blown film structures. General Plastic has partnered with Alpha Marathon to manufacturer a custom line that will meet the needs of General Plastic’s current and future customer base. The line is anticipated to be completed within the next 60 days.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Custom Solutions for Every Flexible Packaging Need

Think back to your most recent purchases. They could have been food, electronics, household products, or any other combination of possibilities. Now think back to how those purchases were packaged. Chances are, there was at least one plastic bag, tube, or sheet protecting the goods.

At the supermarket, you’ve no doubt seen bags on a roll distributed throughout the produce department. Then there are bags in the dairy section, keeping cheese safe and fresh; and bags in the bakery department keeping bread and other perishables from going stale. All of these bags serve a similar purpose, yet all are customized to best fit the needs of each type of food.

Beyond flexible packaging for food, even electronics packaging requires plastic bags. Each roll of wire, and every electronic adapter or charger is often packaged in its own plastic sleeve for protection and to prevent tangling during transit. There are also plastic sheets and liners to protect delicate phone, computer, and television screens. Just like food bags, each of these flexible plastic covers are tailored to suit a specific function.

At General Plastic Extrusions, our job is to determine what these specific needs are, and create a customized flexible packaging solution around that. To stay competitive in the global market we transitioned into more sophisticated, higher end structures. Unlike Chinese manufacturers, who offer small, standard stock size bags made of lower end materials, we create custom products using cutting edge technology.

Learn more about our capabilities, and feel free to tweet us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!