Monday, March 19, 2012

Bag Sizing Calculator

Not sure what bag size you need for your custom application?  General Plastic has a web page with helpful calculators to determine what size bag you need to line or cover your specific box size.  

 Please contact customer service with any questions on determining the right bag size for your application.
Phone: 715-262-3806

Thursday, March 15, 2012

General Plastic Extrusions Green Initiative

In an effort to reduce corrugated waste, General Plastic is moving away from corrugated boxes and will be packaging products that come on a roll with sleeve and cradle packaging unless corrugated packaging is required.  This is one small change that General Plastic hopes will have a big impact in preventing unnecessary corrugated waste. 
Please contact General Plastic with any questions or concerns. 

Skid of Sleeved & Cradled Product

 Corrugated Waste from unnecessary corrugated packaging

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Linear Tear Bags

General Plastic Extrusions is pleased to announce that we now manufacturer Linear Tear Bags made from a proprietary blend of Surlyn and Linear Low resins.  These bags are made with a tear notch and the words "Tear Here" printed on the bags.  General Plastic custom manufacturers linear tear bags to meet each customers individual requirements.  Linear Tear Bags are commonly used in the medical industry.  Below is a demonstration on how a linear tear bag is used.  Contact General Plastic today for more information and a free sample.