Monday, November 19, 2012

Create Your Own Backyard Ice Rink

General Plastic Extrusions has been helping customers create their own backyard ice rinks by supplying rink liners for several years.  Visit our website for more information on what we have to offer.  Call for pricing and availability. Make this year the year that you decide to make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood and the place for winter fun!


Monday, November 12, 2012

General Plastic Holiday Hours

Good Afternoon-

The following is the Holiday schedule for General Plastics. During these days production will be down.

November 22 and 23-  Thanksgiving
December 24 and 25- Christmas
December 31 and Jan 1- New Years

Hoping everyone enjoys the holiday season!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

General Plastic Extrusions to seek SQF Certification


Prescott, Wisconsin
General Plastic Extrusions, Inc has announced that they are in the process of seeking SQF Institute Certification.  SQF Institute stands for Safe Quality Foods Institute and is recognized around the world as a credible food safety management system.  General Plastic is a packaging manufacturer and SQF Certification will make it easier for their food processing customers and prospects to work with them.  General Plastic has been ISO Certified for over 10 years and is looking to improve their quality standards even further by going through the more rigorous SQF system. 
General Plastic has completed its HACCP portion of the SQF requirements and last month sent Production Manager, Rich Olson and Quality Manager, Gavin Wiersma through SQF practitioner training in Madison, Wisconsin.
Gavin Wiersma, Quality Manager at General Plastic commented, “We have had several of our food customers’ audit us and they have been pleased with the results of their audits.  The addition of SQF Certification will streamline future vendor qualification and audits.”
General Plastic plans to complete the SQF Certification by year’s end.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bulk Cheese Packaging

General Plastic Extrusions is a custom manufacturer of packaging for the cheese industry.  Our product's are custom manufactured to meet and exceed each individual customers needs.  General has the capabilities of producing both barrier and non-barrier type packaging.  Some of the products that General Plastic manufacturers for the cheese industry include barrel liners, block bags, 640 liners, box liners, shrink bundling film, and more.  Visit our website to learn more and give us a call today to learn how we can help with your companies cheese packaging needs.   

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elastic Poly Cover Bags

General Plastic Extrusions is proud to announce the addition of elastic poly cover bags to its product offerings.  These cover bags are customized to meet each individual customers sizing needs.  Whether you are looking to cover a Gaylord, Tote, Barrel or Drum, General Plastic can create a customized elastic cover to meet your needs.  Custom mil thickness, and color options are also available.  Each bag is sewn with elastic around the opening of the bag to ensure a snug fit around your container.

These covers are used to protect your products from dust and debris and are used in the Food and Industrial Industries.  Contact General Plastic for your customized elastic poly cover needs.  Below is a demonstration of a elastic poly cover bag being used.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Poly Bags for Food Packaging

General Plastic Extrusions manufacturers a variety of products for the food industry.  Our products are custom manufactured to meet our customers exact needs.  Whether you are in need of box liners, poly sheets, or shrink bundling film, General Plastic most likely can produce the product for your food packaging needs. 

Some of the food packaging products that General Plastic manufacturers include:
                • Combo Bin Liners
                • Box Liners
                • Shrink Bundling Film
                • Gas Flush Bags
                • Drum Liners
                • Form Fill & Seal
                • Top Sheets
                • Long Hold Cheese Bags
                • Pallet Covers
These are just some of the products that General Plastic manufacturers for the food industry.  Contact General Plastic today for more information on how we can help your company with its food packaging needs. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bag Sizing Calculator

Not sure what bag size you need for your custom application?  General Plastic has a web page with helpful calculators to determine what size bag you need to line or cover your specific box size.  

 Please contact customer service with any questions on determining the right bag size for your application.
Phone: 715-262-3806

Thursday, March 15, 2012

General Plastic Extrusions Green Initiative

In an effort to reduce corrugated waste, General Plastic is moving away from corrugated boxes and will be packaging products that come on a roll with sleeve and cradle packaging unless corrugated packaging is required.  This is one small change that General Plastic hopes will have a big impact in preventing unnecessary corrugated waste. 
Please contact General Plastic with any questions or concerns. 

Skid of Sleeved & Cradled Product

 Corrugated Waste from unnecessary corrugated packaging

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Linear Tear Bags

General Plastic Extrusions is pleased to announce that we now manufacturer Linear Tear Bags made from a proprietary blend of Surlyn and Linear Low resins.  These bags are made with a tear notch and the words "Tear Here" printed on the bags.  General Plastic custom manufacturers linear tear bags to meet each customers individual requirements.  Linear Tear Bags are commonly used in the medical industry.  Below is a demonstration on how a linear tear bag is used.  Contact General Plastic today for more information and a free sample. 

Monday, January 23, 2012


General Plastic Extrusions will begin making blog posts on specific products that we manufacturer.  We have a diverse customer base with a wide variety of products and needs.  General Plastic believes that it is important for our customers to learn more about the products they use as well as other products that may be beneficial to their companies needs.  This new segment of blog posts will be entitled "DID YOU KNOW?"


General Plastic Extrusions is a manufacturer of VCI products.  VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor.  General Plastic's VCI products come in the the form of bags, tubing, and sheeting.  These products are a cost effective and proven corrosion protection product for basic corrosion protection.  Our VCI products are used for protecting metal components and equipment during storage, operations, and shipping.

We can custom manufacture your VCI products to virtually any dimension to meet your companies individual needs.  Please contact us with any questions or quote requests that you may have. 

  GPE VCI poly bags protecting metal blades from corrosion

Visit our website for more information and to download our VCI brochure.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Short Lead Times

General Plastic Extrusions would like to remind its customers that their current lead times are 10-14 days or less for most items.  Contact them today to let them know how they can help with your companies poly packaging needs.  Some of the items that General Plastic manufacturers are the following:

Gaylord Liners
Box Liners
Shrink Bundling Film
Pallet Covers
Top Sheets
FDA grade bags
Gas Flush Bags
Nylon Co-Extruded Bags

You can also visit our website for more information on the products that we custom manufacturer for our customers as well as helpful calculators to determine the approximate size bag for your packaging needs.